Frequently Asked Questions

Sharie B Lashes anticipate there may be inquiries regarding the product. Thank you for taking the time to review the information below:


What are segmented lashes?
Segmented lashes are individual clusters of lashes grouped together on a thin band. Typically, 5 segmented lashes could fit side-by-side on the eye versus 25-35 individual clusters.
What lengths are the lashes?
3 lengths in the kit: 14mm, 12mm, 10mm
4 lengths in the tray: 16mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm 
Does the lashes look cheap?
Segmented lashes looks just as great if a professional did them. The main difference is that you'll save a great deal of money doing it yourself. AND you're not choosing from 4 options of lash styles. You can customize it to your liking. 
How long does it last?
When installed correctly, the lash set can last 3-7 days.
Is it uncomfortable?
Designed with a very thin band, the segmented lashes are designed to fit comfortably on most eyes. 
How do you remove the lashes?
It's best to use the remover that is provided in the lash kit as it is formulated to work best with the bond and seal.
Does the glue burn?
 The glue was formulated for even the most sensitive eyes. A patch test is recommended as each person may react differently.
How long does it take to install the lashes?
Installation time of the lashes vary person-to-person; however, in comparison to a professional or a DIY session, the time is shortened drastically.
As a beginner, what's the timeframe of the learning curve?
Every person's learning curve is different. Much like anything, the more you do, the easier it becomes overtime.
Can you wash your face?
In fact, we recommend that the face (and eyes) are washed daily. Of course, after the 24 hour no-wetting timeframe, the lash shampoo was created to work best with the lash set. 
Can I wear makeup with the lashes?
Absolutely! We stan a face beat to the gods hunny! Be sure to thoroughly wash the lashes free of makeup with a spoolie to decrease the chances of infections. Use the lash shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the lashes. 
Will the artificial lashes or glue damage my natural lashes?
When applied and removed correctly as directed on the product, natural lashes are safe. Lash shedding is a natural and normal process. One should never pull out the lashes forcefully. 
Are they customizable?
With the many eye shapes present within humanity, you have full freedom to place different lengths and lash styles as you see fit.
Are they reusable?
No more wasting money. The lashes are reusable! It is advised to wash the lashes in between uses to prevent infection. Use the lash shampoo to thoroughly clean the lashes. 
How many times can I reuse the lashes?
With proper care, the lashes can last for a long time thus allowing for many uses. The longevity is determined by the owner, but at least 3 wears out of the lashes. 
How do I clean the lashes?
Simply remove the residue from each lash by combing through the lash with the wand of the glue remover or dab cotton ball with baby oil and wipe the glue away. Them to wash them using our "Get Clean" lash shampoo. 
Can they get wet?
Have no fear! You'll be able to wash your face, visit the beach and get into the ocean, and get caught in the rain and the lashes will stay put. (Be sure to dry them asap with a fan to reassure the bond.) 
How do I get rid of the stickiness?
The purpose of the sealant is to seal the bond and lashes. If it's still sticky, apply some more to the sticky areas. 
Are they available in stores?
As we are in the startup phases, we're available only online. This is also great because there will be discounts and promotions, where physical stores may not. 
Are the ingredients safe?
Never tested on animals, our vegan product are safe for the eyes. Although, some individuals may be more sensitive than most. We recommend doing a skin test before applying. 
BOND: Acrylates Copolymer 64%, water 35%, CI77266 1%
SEALER: Water 33.4%, Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer 60%, Propylene Glycol 6%, Phenoxyethanol/Ethylhexyl Glycerin .3%, Octanol .3%
REMOVER: Isododecane 38%, White Mineral Oil 35%, LAURETH-4 1.5%, Tween 80 6%, 2-phenooxyethanol .05%, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerol .5%
SHAMPOO: Water, Sodium Coeth30-Sulfate, PEG80-sorbitan Laurate, Decanoyl/octanoyl-glycerides, Propylene Glycol, Iodopropynyl Butycarbarnate, Imidazolidnyl Urea, edta Disodium